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Wellbeing and Mental Health at Hepworth Junior and Infant School

Mental health is everybody's business!  We can and we should help each other to feel the best we can!

 At Hepworth School, we recognise that good mental health and well being is absolutely vital for our pupils and staff alike.  We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment within which we provide our pupils with strategies to promote good mental health. 

We use a variety of preventative approaches so that all children can feel empowered and in control of their mental health.  This runs through everything we do at Hepworth School, from the content of our PSHE lessons, 'Circle' time, how we greet the children as they enter the classroom, the use of our 'Feelings Door' and the 'Zones of Regulation' through to our class rewards, our stimulating and inclusive currriculum and our promotion of outdoor learning!    

Many children, at some point, may need some extra support; we have a number of strategies to help children at these times.  These include pastoral sessions on a small group or 1 to 1 basis, "checking in" times at the start of the school day or more structured PSHE intervention groups.

In addition to this, we will make referrals to outside agencies if a child has more long term or serious issues with mental health.  With these agencies, we would develop targeted support in line with our SEN policy.  Our aim, however, is early intervention and we would hope to provide the appropriate support for your child before your concerns about their wellbeing reach this point.

If you have concerns about your child's mental health and wellbeing, please contact your child's class teacher, or one of our Designated Wellbeing Leads: 

Alison Robery and Mark Crouch.

You may wish to speak to our SENDCo: Amanda Spencer.


Well-being govenor - we have decided that all governors will share the well-being lead as it covers so many aspects of school life.

Books to buy and support at home -


Online Support for Parents and Children

There is a wealth of information and help online that can support you and your child, or anyone else you may know. Why not spend some time having a look at some of the links in the Local and National tabs.

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