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PE and Sports Premium


The School Sports Premium Funding

At Hepworth we have always placed a high priority on PE and sport, so that all out pupils can have a wide variety of experiences, access to good quality teaching and have taken part in competitive sport.

Every year each school which subscribes to the Pennine Sports Partnership (PSP) service agreement sends their PE co-ordinator (in our case Mr Chapman) to a planning and good practice meeting, where development plans are drafted for the upcoming year and a myriad of future sporting events are fixed in diaries.

Each year we help to develop staff's skills and experise by having trained coaches in school to work with classes. 

Currently our contract with the PSP provides us with

Increasing pupil participation in physical activity and sport.

Through our partnership with the PSP, we are able to ensure that all our children have access to competitive sporting events and activities which we would otherwise struggle to be able to provide. Events include, Mini Olympic competitions between ourselves and 2 other local schools for children in Years 1,2 and 3; an annual day of sporting activities and contests for our Year 4 pupils during National Sports Week ; competitions for KS2 children in cricket, gymnastics, rounders, cross-country, netball and dance. In addition to this, taster sessions for badminton, basketball and keep-fit are hosted by our local secondary school.

Beyond the money that we spend to belong to the PSP, we have, over the last 3 years, invested in bringing in groups and coaches who have provided activities and sports which we do not have the staff skills or equipment to deliver. These have included, skateboarding, ‘teenie’ tennis (for KS1), bush-craft, karate, dodge ball, badminton, fencing and archery. Therefore we are actively meeting the Department of Education stated aim to … ‘introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport.’

Gifted and talented  and Young Sports Leaders

Every year a member of the PSP staff visits Hepworth to talent spot any gifted and talented children within Year 5. Those selected are then invited to a half-terms worth of G+T activities hosted at our local secondary school. Pupils who really impress at this stage are then invited to attend an additional full-day Gifted and Talented academy!

Throughout our sporting year many of the competitions that we participate in have pathways to further events for successful teams and individuals, thus further encouraging our most able PE pupils.

We also take advantage of the initial Young Sports Leader training which the PSP provide and then run further in-house training, so that children in Year 6 can help provide sporting activities for the other year groups at break and dinner times.


At Hepworth we are ensuring that the money we spend goes on improving opportunities for pupil sport. Our teachers can now deliver high quality sport's teaching. We also purchase high quality resources that ensure pupils have access to all correct equipment that they need to be able to play all the sports at the correct level. Our staff are well trained and work with small groups to ensure that pupils will recieve sport to a high standard for many years to come.


PE and Sport Premium Funding Statements

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