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School / Eco-Council

This year we have a combined School & Eco Council. This is a group of six children - they meet with The Head fortnightly to discuss school and environmental issues.

Hepworth J & I achieved Eco School status in 2019. We believe that this is the most important think we can teach our pupils. We retained the award in 2020, 21 & 22.

Eco - Curriculum

We have created a curriculum unique to Hepworth which incorporates many of the 10 eco-school curriculum areas:

  • biodiversity
  • energy
  • water
  • marine
  • transport
  • waste
  • global citizenship
  • healthy living
  • school grounds
  • litter

2 Year Plan Overview

Plans for 2022-23

1. To attend and present at The Kirklees Youth Climate Festival.

2. To support Local, Environmental & Worldwide charities: Macmillan, Just One Tree, Holme Valley Food Bank, Christmas Shoe Box Appeal.

3. To improve lunchtimes for pupils

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