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Curriculum Lead - Mrs Simpson


At Hepworth we want pupils to be confident mathematicians who can apply their learning to a range of different contexts – both on paper and in real life situations. Our long-term plan aims to build knowledge, skills and concepts as pupils progress through school. We believe in using repartition to ensure all pupils are fluent in mathematics basics. This will enable mental and written calculations to be completed accurately. We aim to challenge learners to push themselves to solve problems using the skills they have been taught. Understanding develops as pupils move from Reception to Year 6 as should their confidence. They will use understanding and confidence to apply reasoning to a given line of enquiry.


We teach the maths National Curriculum primarily through the White Rose Maths scheme of work. There is a clear progression of skills progression with opportunities to apply their learning regularly. We have adapted the long term plans so there is a clear maximisation of time to ensure pupils are challenged on a daily basis.

Pupils are encouraged to work with concrete objects and manipulatives, especially in KS1. They then move on to pictorial representations and finally a more abstract approach as their confidence grows and they move up through school.

Hepworth focuses on mental maths knowledge such as number bonds and times tables lower down school so they can be applied successfully to a range of mental strategies as they progress.


We have high expectations for all learners at Hepworth. We want all pupils to be secure with mathematics basics such as understanding of number and times tables. We want them to be able to apply and reason using the strategies they have been taught. Our results are good; any pupils who need extra support receive this to ensure they make the required progress.

Maths Long Term Plan

How we teach maths

At Hepworth School we follow The White Rose Hub maths scheme.

We find this ensures complete curriculum coverage and provides the mastery approach that we want for our pupils.


We assess our pupils formally at the end of each term. This is then used to inform our future planning and also to check on pupils understanding.

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