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Curriculum Lead - Mr Crouch


At Hepworth J & I School we want a curriculum that focuses on developing key skills across cooking, structures, textiles and mechanisms. These will build each year and give pupils transferable skills which they can apply to other areas of the curriculum and real-life situations. We want a curriculum that inspires our pupils to be creative, imaginative and problem solvers. There is an eco-theme running through the DT curriculum which we want to use to highlight environmental issues to create active citizens.


Our whole school curriculum leads pupils through a progression of skills and knowledge which are built upon in each class.

Pupils will learn skills such as sewing through a series of short tasks.

Pupils can then be creative and thoughtful during the design process.

Sometimes there will be the opportunity to create a finished item that fulfils a given brief.

Pupils will then be asked to reflect & evaluate their work so they can make improvements in future.

The EYFS curriculum starts this process and lays the foundation for further learning and skills to be developed.


Pupils will enjoy the subject DT. They will develop confidence in this subject and start to apply their skills and knowledge to a range of situations. They will become more confident in problem solving and with applying the technical words they learn and their skills. They will become more precise with the work that they do and will care more about their finished product. There will be a clear improvement as they progress through school preparing them for High School and employment.

EYFS & KS1 Long Term Plan

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