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Class 4


Our class is taught by Mr Chapman (who was also once a secondary school teacher) and Mrs Simpson with lots of help from Mrs Dixon, Mrs Heeley, and Mrs Brackenbury. Mrs Simpson teaches Class 4 all day on Mondays and first thing on a Tuesday morning. Mrs Dixon teaches the class French on Friday afternoons.

Class 4 is the home of Years 5 and 6 at Hepworth and the springboard to high school. In our class we realise that we are the eldest members of the school and as such strive to set the example for the younger children to follow. We learn to become more organised and independent by taking on school wide roles and responsibilities, using a homework planner, helping at the village coffee morning, becoming play-leaders to keep the younger children entertained at dinner-time and embarking on two overnight residential trips.

Although we face important SAT tests in our class and work hard to achieve our best in them, we are not all about exams, not by a long way!! We like to take on big, exciting and original topics in our class which make us stand out from the crowd. Crime and punishment through the ages, The Prehistoric World and Crime and Punishment are all topics we have tackled, using literature, art, history, p.e, design and technology and music to help bring them to life. Visits to Cresswell Crags (prehistoric site), visits by authors and from Roman legionaries all help us to learn and enjoy our studies to the max.  We also undertake two residential trips, one to to Cliffe House and the other to Boggle Hole YHA near Robin Hoods Bay.

As we are the eldest children and because we are preparing for high school, we have regular homeworks on spellings, maths and reading. In addition to these we will write extended pieces of writing and carry out independent research to produce fantastic projects on such topics as The Romans, Greeks and Castles.

We like to use our beautiful school grounds and the surrounding area where possible, particularly for our art  but for other subjects too: we took a walk in September to inspire us to write beautiful autumnal poetry, and on another occasion made clay faces on the trees. Orienteering is also great fun!

By the end of our time in Class 4 we are ready and equipped for success at high school having become more responsible, independent learners who have been challenged and stimulated through a broad and diverse curriculum.



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